Kimber Scott

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1960. My grandfather was an oil painter, a hobbyist. I sat beside him in his little den, hypnotized by the smell of turpentine and fruity pipe smoke, as he painted pictures of stoneware pots and naked ladies.  For my eighth birthday, he and Gram gave me my own set of oil paints in a little wooden box along with brushes, turpentine, and canvas boards.  I felt pretty grown up.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Arizona State University in 2006. Prior to attending ASU, I studied with R.K. Hillis for several years at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona.

I get really excited about color and, increasingly, texture. They make my tummy feel all funny. They make me want to play. So, while I've spent many years painting things as they look, I find myself, lately, needing to also paint things I feel. Actually, if there were such a thing as an Impressionist Expressionist, that would be my goal. I wonder how that would work? We shall see . . .

Why look far away, for what is close at hand?
— Old Buddhist Saying

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Kimber Scott by some trees in Sedona, Arizona.

Kimber Scott by some trees in Sedona, Arizona.

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